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At SMASH we help our clients achieve consistent results by applying a holistic strategy- balancing out all of the elements of marketing perfectly. Our team knows how to generate near term results and attain consistent growth!



Mario with SMASH helped us double our online sales in less than a year- He has a highly talented team with a ton of marketing experience behind him!

Izzy - Renovate for Less

Deep insight and solid experience. Omar helped us understand the competitive landscape and dominate.

Esmeralda - RenoPros Atlanta

We owe these guys much of our success. We would be lost without them. Sam & Mario have basically become our Marketing dept.

Nathan - Ethan Roth Vanities

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Our Technology Solutions

Mobile App Development

In addition to our Marketing services, we have a technology team that not only helps with HTML and web-development, but allows us to build custom apps for our clients. This allows us to help our clients with marketing, process improvement, and other business operations tools.

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SnapStoc for Shopify

SMASH Price Finder

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SMASH Inventory & Marketing Solutions

About Smash

Our Atlanta based team is made up of marketers, entrepreneurs, and technology experts who came together with a strong mission to improve broken and tedious processes by creating intuitive and easy to use technology solutions. Our main focus is in the retail/distribution/services spaces helping both consumers and businesses with marketing management services and process improvement solutions. We came together in 2017 with a simple goal - how do we take the boring and inefficient marketing, inventory, and process tasks. From there, we created a suite of services and solutions to help our clients grow, streamline, and scale their businesses.

Our Marketing team focuses on 3 main areas- PPC (Pay Per Click Management), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and Ad creative services. Our team works with our clients management teams to understand business objectives and to create an effective marketing strategy tailored to each client's specific objectives.

Over the years we have created effective mobile apps for our clients. One of our most useful apps for businesses with large inventories is the SnapStoc app. The SnapStoc mobile app leverages Scan to Integrated Form Technology to prefill data on our in app Shopify product add form. Moreover, leveraging deep integrations with third party databases, we have created a market offers dashboard to help our clients make on the spot pricing decisions for their product listing for their Shopify web store. As we were developing SnapStoc, we decided to leverage our price grabbing integration work to create SMASH - Price Finder.

The Price Finder mobile app allows our users to shopsavvy by giving them a tool that is a price checker barcode scanner. This tool ensures that our user is making the best decision when purchasing a product. In addition to our intuitive market offers dashboard, we allow our users to leverage an in-app google query for the product in hand. as well as, an Amazon Market in-app query for the product that is scanned. In order to give our clients control over products they want to buy at a later date from a different vendor, we added a save product function to make the app robust and super useful!

If you are trying to get your business to grow faster, break out of your current ceiling, or just looking for keen marketing insights, please reach out to us today. Our team of marketing and technology experts can help you with Marketing, Process Improvement, and technology solutions. We have deep expertise in PPC, SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing. We would love to set up a FREE consultation to understand your business objectives and to propose a tailored strategic path forward!