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Inventory to Website in a Snap

Why SnapStoc?

The best products in the world will never sell- if they are not listed. Is the tedious task of adding products to your website pushing you and your staff away or eating up valuable time that could be used elsewhere in your business? At Smash Inventory Solutions, we take these questions to heart in our quest to solve important business problems So, we created the SnapStoc App!

Through a series of integrations, well thought out workflows, and actionable insights, the SnapStoc app allows you to Increase Efficiency- with our scan to integrated form technology. The app also improves accuracy- by reducing typos and errors. Lastly, the app increases sales and profit- because getting your inventory on your website quickly and priced right speeds up your sales cycle. Moreover, the freed up time created by SnapStoc means you can do more marketing, selling, and operational improvements.

How it Works?

By leveraging scan to integrated form technology, the SnapStoc app is a solution that speeds up your inventory uploading time! This intuitive and user-friendly app cuts down the time spent adding inventory to your website, so you can list your products faster and with higher accuracy- thus having more time for selling, marketing, or strategizing!

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